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Energy costs of monitoring and reporting of current and retrospective audit provides enterprise Energy Costs and expenses. Monitoring energy bills this way, you can reach, shift, daily or weekly basis, analysis of production and productivity can control energy costs. 
Operation of the facility to meet the needs of the selected energy analyzers and power meters in accordance with the values of production units, and separately reported to the study of the efficiency of the process provides convenience to the user. 
  • Energy monitoring and control systems, and factories in the Medium Voltage and Low Voltage distribution boards, control of all equipment located are included. 
  • All circuit breaker control and monitoring equipment 
  • Energy Analyzer, Protection Relays, Reactive power control relays data from the monitoring of current and historical. This is about values, alarms, trends and reporting on the creation of records 
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, all Web-based reporting of energy data 
  • SCADA control and monitoring system on the WEB 
  • Preparation of the shift and time-based reports 
  • Load shedding and making implementation scenarios 
  • In the system PLC / RTU, SCADA, PC and so on. monitoring of diagnostic data through the SCADA
  • Transformer and generator monitoring via SCADA
  • LV distribution boards in the monitoring of all circuit breakers and controls to ensure positions 
  • Monitoring of medium voltage breakers, and motor load separators 
  • Transformers - Generator and UPS power supplies, such as remote monitoring and control 
  • Detailed fault analysis with easy Reports of Failure 
  • User requests are modeled according to the reports in detail the energy 
  • Working on user access levels 
  • Serve with a remote connection to the Service 

Menderes Geothermal Inc.17MW Power Plant Turnkey Electrical & Automation Works

Çelikler Holding Jes2 24MWatt Geothermal Power Plant

Domestic Turbine speed control system

Turkerler Geothermal Plant Turnkey MV-LV and DCS Control System Works

SANKO JES 1 Geothermal Power Plant

ÇELİKLER ORHANELİ TUNÇBİLEK Thermal Power Plant 350MW Turbine, Boiler and FGD System DCS Control

Turkish Ground Forces Energy Monitoring and Management System

SANKO JES 2 Geothermal Power Plant

ÇELİKLER ORHANELİ TUNÇBİLEK Thermal Power Plant 350MW FGD and Lime Plant Elektrical Works

Saray Holding Greeneco Jes3 Geothermal Power Plant

SANKO JES 3 Geothermal Power Plant & 154 kV Sub Station

Afyonkarahisar Bolvadin Biomass Energy Plant MCC and Automation System

Saray Holding Greeneco Jes2 Geothermal Power Plant

ORMAT Domestic Turbine speed control system

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